Prayer Requests - WV

Please pray for my marriage. I've been in an emotionally abusive marriage for 20 years. Pray for God's favor and direction. May God change his heart.

Please pray for a revival during this time we are living in now. May people repent, turn away from sin and give their lives to God.

Please pray for the salvation of our unsaved family member. May they have a true encounter with Jesus. Thank you!

Please pray for my health, as I need to do some blood work. Pray for God's direction on finding a laboratory, in these times of pandemic, and a good report.

Please pray for my my marriage. My husband needs an encounter with Jesus and to spend time with the Lord. I want to leave him but I want God's will for us.

My husband is emotionally abusive to me. May God change his heart or take me out of this marriage. I want to follow His will for my life. Thank you!

Please pray for God's protection against the coronavirus. That our house may be protected by the blood of Jesus. Amen!

Please pray for everyone infected with COVID-19, for the professionals working with it and for those who lost loved ones. Pray for peace and salvation.

Please pray for God's direction in our next move after June 11th. Thank you, TSC!

Please pray for spiritual strengthening in these times. That we just to look to Jesus, not to the circumstances. That God will take away every spirit of fear.