Prayer Requests - VT

Asking for prayer. Headaches all week on and off. Doctor suggested a COVID test tomorrow at 12:45 pm. Asking the Lord for a negative result. Bless You! Amen.

Please pray that homeless people in my city will find safety, peace, and comfort for their physical body and soul.

I would like answers to my prayers. I've been very discouraged and need a touch from God. Answers to my prayers would be so helpful.

Feelings aren't facts, but I feel like a tent peg being pounded into the ground due to health issues with my back that haven't responded reasonably. Jesus!

Praise God! Please pray that Jehovah Rapha will heal the lumbar back of arthritis and severe osteoporosis L1-L5. Chronic pain. God we need miracles! Amen.

Pray for Jesse to desire his wife again. He is insisting on getting a divorce and has no legit reason. Pray that God gives him a soft heart towards her.

Praise God! Pray please that healing will be of the day, not surgery. MRI tele-health Thurs 4:15 discuss result. Been a long haul.
He is greater! Amen.

I Okanlawon request prayer for a financial miracle in all my endeavors. Pray the Lord would grant me financial opportunities.

Adopted daughter molested as an infant, has been very promiscuous. Had an abortion and is now married trying to make it work after she cheated. Has a son.