Prayer Requests - VA

I have struggled with condemning thoughts and constant feelings of unworthiness my whole life. Please pray that I will be set free from this.

I ask for continued prayers for my son, Ross, that God would completely deliver Ross from anxiety and give him a fiery passion for school/his major and a job/career. Thank you!

Please pray for God's intervention in the life of my co-worker, C. , who by her own admission is in need of psychiatric help, but she is resisting the next steps.

Please pray for God's healing in all areas of lymphoma in Marcia and to provide her strength and His power to heal and recover in Jesus' name. Amen.

Urgent prayer request for Ellen: I am asking God to heal her cancer in every area where it is and to heal and strengthen her body, in Jesus' name. Amen.

Cigarette addiction for 50 years. Please God take this out of me, heal my heart from all pain from the past, from men, shame, rapes, abuse, and pain.

Dalton has witchcraft spirits attached to him he fell over a hexagon in the woods which left a bump on his foot three years ago. At 16 now 19 never healed never fell.

TSC please pray for my marriage, my family's salvation, and restoration. Thank you.

Please pray for Ellen who needs God's healing touch in her body to remove all cancerous growth and that it be stopped in Jesus' name amen. Thank you TSC.

Please pray for Marcia who needs God's healing touch in her body to remove every lymphoma cancerous cell and restore her to health in Jesus' name amen.