Prayer Requests - SD

Please pray for my mom. She has two tests tomorrow on her heart. Praying for her peace and good reports. Thank you.

Pray my husband finds a job in ministry, that we have the needed help for newborn, provision/direction regarding home for our family.

Please pray for my mom. She is having a stress test tomorrow. Praying for her peace, strength and for good reports. Thank you.

Please pray for my parents. Years of hurts coming to a head. Praying for their marriage to be healed and restored. Praying for forgiveness and peace.

My prayer is for wisdom in my job situation. I work for a car dealership and feel that a deal I was involved with isn't right, but have no proof.

Continued prayer for my mom Joan. She will have a test done tomorrow, to see why her blood levels are low. Praying for good reports and nothing serious. Thank you.

Please pray for my mom. Her blood levels are low. She will have a medical procedure Tuesday. Praying for a good report, healing, and peace. Thank you.

Please pray for my mom Joan. She has been experiencing shortness of breath. We will see her doctor later today. Praying for a good report and for her peace.

Please pray for my parents and me. We are all fighting. There is so much hurt, anger, and division. We need a breakthrough, healing, unity. Thank you.

Please pray for my parents' marriage. That they would get deliverance from demonic spirits that are trying to destroy them, their health, and their peace.