Prayer Requests - PA

Pray for my husband Aravinda that he will pass the interview for his citizenship on January 13, 2020, and pray for my mom to stay healthy. Amen.

Pray for David, who is going to divorce for the second time. He's going for the wrong way. Pray.

My son David he got beat up last night kicked in his head and robbed
Please pray for total deliverance from drugs and demons and salvation. Please!

Lord, heal me. Take control of the pain in my ankle. Lord, continue to bless us - especially with our relationship. Help me with my worker's compensation case.

Prayer for my son David who suffers from severe Lyme disease. Been on medication for over a year & a half and still suffers. God can heal!

Please pray for both of my sons, Matthew and Aaron, that they will be saved. Also, pray for my mother's health. Thank you, TSC.

I was called for two interviews. Please pray for me. Thank you, TSC.

Please pray for my daughter to have an encounter with Jesus. She has many issues, including depression. Needs healing in her mind also. Thank you.

Husband and son are suffering tremendously from depression. Son has become severely oppressed and delusional. I'm concerned for his safety. Both are Christian.

Please pray for my sister and her husband. They have two sons with bipolar. One son is very angry, and the other son has severe depression and anxiety.