Prayer Requests - ND

Prayer, for the healing of my right eye to see again, I am a vet and was shot. Please pray I find a wife that will accept me as I am.

Can you please pray for my mother, Ardis? She's 89 years old and is in a nursing home. Thank you.

Please can you pray for me. I've been struggling with a personal failure which seems to afflict me periodically. I feel bad and can't seem to win.

Son with Crohn's and living far away desperately need a healing. Suffered for years and is giving up. Please pray.

Pray for me. I am at war with the enemy. I'm trying to break this addiction. He's throwing everything he has at me. I'm scared. I don't want to be left.

Please pray for my sister in Maine who has severe upper abdominal pain for the second time today. No explanation and it's almost unbearable. Thank you.

We have new owners for the house we have been renting for 5 years. Pray we find favor so that it is economical for us to continue living here.

Our buyer for our house defaulted on the Contract for Deed and we got the house back. We need to sell it. Pray the Lord will bring a buyer quickly.

Pray for my mother, as she's 89 and in a nursing home. Not able to swallow food.
Please pray. She is saved.

We are selling a house on contract for deed. Our buyers are over a year into it and are in financial trouble. Lord, please intercede for all involved.