Prayer Requests - LA

I would like to ask that you please pray for the salvation of my friend Ainslee. I want her to find her self-worth and identity in God.

For God's peace upon my grown children: Johnny, Michael, Kevin, & Misty. Also for my granddaughter, Kayleigh, an intern, to pass her step 3 test.

Husband may have to quit job due to medical issues. I can't work full time and have one to call on for help. We have two small children. Please pray!

My daughter has been fighting abdominal infection for months after surgery. Doctor stumped. Grandson having stomach pain for weeks. Desperate, please pray.

I am in a desperate financial situation. I am a senior citizen on a limited income. I believe God will restore everything the devil stole from me.

Please pray for complete deliverance for me. I have been severely abused and the only hope and relief I have gotten is from Tmes Square Church ministry.

For the Lord to bless my children and their families, Johnny, Michael, Kevin, and Misty.

Please pray for my husband to sleep. The sleep deprivation is causing neurological symptoms and he can't function. Peace, comfort, rest in Jesus' name.

That my husband gets relief from years of medical issues. We have young children and he is the sole provider for our family. He needs sleep and peace.