Prayer Requests - KS

Please pray for Cortes family. She gave her children to Satan and was quite happy about it.
Her son told me he felt like a monster lived in him.

I'm 43. Please pray I heal from recent gallbladder removal surgery. I suspect I'm having kidney failure as a result of complications. Thanks. God bless.

Kathy and her daughter Logan have diverticulitis bleeding and haven't eaten for weeks, only broth and 3 rounds of antibiotics. Help, Jesus!

Please pray for God's miraculous intervention for my young family and me, so that the devastation we've experienced from sin and divorce will stop and we will be healed.

My 16-year-old nephew has had severe back pain for a few years due to 2 ruptured discs from playing football. Steroids don't work and he's too young for surgery. Please pray.

I am a 16-year-old evangelist. Pray that I may have preachers and evangelists come to spread the gospel! God is good all the time! Jesus saves!

Traveling mercies for 2 month RV trip to Southern states for church revival services. Thank you.

I am a 16-year-old from Kansas City. I am an evangelist and need true born-again preachers and evangelists to go out into the world with me! Jesus SAVES! Please pray.

I humbly ask for prayer for my kids Tabitha, Nathan, Brancen and Theresa who have walked away from the Lord and are being deceived by the world.

Please pray that whoever broke into a neighbors house, would be caught, and the items that were stolen would be returned. Pray for their salvation.