Prayer Requests - IL

Please pray for all the wayward sons and daughters who will be partying this NY Eve and Day. That the hand of God would be upon them and strong conviction.

I feel unloved, unwanted and rejected by Dean. I ask for prayer for a Godly husband.

I have been widowed since age 24 and now I am 53 years old. It is my desire to meet and marry a Godly man. I miss having a husband to hug and hold.

To be all in Him and to quit looking at yesterday and yesteryear, in Jesus name.

For our nation: Renew Your awesome deeds in our day, in our time make them known; in wrath remember mercy. Habakkuk 3:2.

Please pray for me to get done with my degree and also for me to get my green card soon.

For Trinity to be healed from depression and the Doctors be guided by God.

My daughter's doctor is sending her for a test - she is concerned with her female troubles. Thank you for your prayers God bless your ministry.

It is my desire to be in God's will and I ask God for wisdom, direction, guidance and leading in my life. I have made many wrong choices in life.