Prayer Requests - CA

My husband's salvation and deliverance from spirit of anger worldliness. Pray for my healing from OCD and anxiety. Pray for my daughters salvation deliverance.

I had a stroke in 2015, affected my right side. I have good days and more not so good days. I am still trying to understand why and how come a lot of pain.

Pray for a brother in Uganda. He was in an accident and needs blood transfusions. Thank you for your prayers.

Please, pray for all the salvation of the gang members' souls at the jail in El Salvador. Also, they may talk to their family this Christmas by phone.

Please, pray for LA County. God protects and saves all essential workers, police departments, firefighters, paramedics, and patients at all hospitals.

Please, I am desperate for a situation at my home. I need an answer or exit from God. Please, pray for my family. I know that He is able to help us!

Pray for Noah Z, 8 years old, hospitalized with COVID-19. He has a fever, swelling, and aches.

Please pray for my family. I'm a wife and the mother of two girls. I am currently separated from my husband and children under circumstances out of my control.

Jesus, please clear the path of COVID-19 so my brother and I can go home to mom's and dad's in Virginia for Christmas, and we can safely be together.

Emergency prayer request: My brother-in-law has a staph infection throughout his body, as well as diabetes and other issues. He needs salvation. Thank you.