Prayer Requests - CA

Pray for Sherry, she is not getting better, she has COVID and was put on ventilator today. She is a single mom with a daughter.

Father-in-law in hospital fighting COVID-19, unable to breath on his own. Mother-in-law also tested positive with virus. My father and siblings also sick.

Please pray for Milsie and Family in Australia. Milsie is nearing her last days. Pray for peace and comfort, the hope of heaven through Jesus Christ.

Please pray for Dean, he is in bad physical shape. For his daughter's money to come in and that she gets a home for them both. He is a senior. Praise Jesus!

I have had an earache since Thanksgiving. Please pray with me for it to be healed completely. All glory to God!

Faith needs God to intervene in her recent house purchase and getting her things to her house from northern California to southern California. She is 87. If I am to live with her.

I am submitting this request for Kristin. A. She has been diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. This is a request for total physical healing.

I'm backsildden and I need prayer. I have little faith. I'm tired of sin. Tired of being perverted and lusting. I'm tired of drinking and of disappointment.

Pray for my son L, his wife M, and his dad L. They all live together with my grandchildren. The elders have huge drinking problems and much anger. The kids are being affected.

I need prayer for three family members that are sick. Grandpa Walter and uncle Jose are both fighting COVID-19 and my brother Tony, who may potentially have the same virus.
Thank you.