Prayer Requests - AZ

I'm in years of torment, can't get free. I'm alone. I've longed to be free but don't know where to go for help. I'm homeless.

Remember my son who is in prison, and for Jesus to touch my life as a mom, to get into a Bible-teaching- praying church that cares if we make it.

Prayer for staff and donors at Sister Jose Woman's shelter for Jesus to send the blessed Holy Spirit to heal, deliver, and save the homeless.

Prayer for Sister Jose Woman's shelter that Jesus would invade with his Holy Spirit and for Jesus to get me off drugs and out of immorality.

I'm in a battle of my life with drugs in a homeless shelter. No churches have a real depth of Prayer or mature love to grab my hand and help.

Pray for SunTran bus line for full time weekend routes and routes going out to surrounding towns for those working weekends.

Praying for all those in NY churches, NJ, and Summit that Jesus send lots of the Tucson sunshine over you and keep you healthy and warm.

Prayer for the City to invest in full-time buses running on weekends to create jobs and to help those working and homeless to get out of cold weather.

Prayer for spiritual awakening in the heart of Tucson, for the knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ and a hunger to praise and glorify him as God.