Prayer Requests - AZ

Pastor Teresa it's not good to be alone please pray for Jesus to raise up a Christian husband best friend for me this year for joy and hope.

Prayer for Jesus to restore me to my old hospital job, and for housing to come open, and for a church like TSC here to belong to.

Pastor Carter please pray that what you experienced with your dad that Jesus would convict my dad of years of hatred to start loving me and my kids.

For Jesus to deliver and heal me for his love to embrace and keep me warm for a home and to see my son on better condition.

Prayer for clean safe housing and hope that I won't be destitute and alone any more.

Prayer for my dad to repent and feel remorse for all the years of abuse and neglect that love will invade his heart this Christmas.

All the homeless have to leave shelter until evening it's going to rain and it's cold buses only running hourly it's miserable please pray.

Prayer for my daughter who is on the street alone and needing a home and a miracle I am struggling unable to help her.

TSC, please pray for the hospital job to open this month and for approval to move into an apartment close to the hospital.

Pray for fresh baptism of God's Holy Spirit; love for a home; help on my job; healing in my life and a book of acts church that loves people.