Prayer Requests - AL

Urgent - need to pray for my son-in-law Jason, married to my oldest daughter Kellie and 3 grandchildren. Has drug abuse issues caused by violence at home.

I need deliverance from social anxiety. I get nervous around people sometimes and it makes it hard for me to communicate or think. Please pray.

Please pray for my estranged father. I can't emotionally take it anymore. He's 63 and acts like he's 16. He's a narcissist. He needs deliverance.

Pray for my husband. He has many heart problems, and things are not looking good. He a godly man, and no doubt, he will go home if God takes him.

Please pray for me, I go to the doctor on Friday for my blood work. That my blood pressure would be normal it's welfare the rest of my test, thank you.

Pray for healing for my cousins Lori from brain cancer and Lee from colon cancer. Both were given a short time to live. Pray also for salvation for both. Thanks and God bless!

Prayer for salvation for my husband, grown children and grandchildren. Pray that the Lord will renew my relationship with Him and I would love Him more.

Urgent prayer! God, intervene in my 44-year-old daughter Kellie and Jason's marriage. For three of my grandchildren, Amelia, Keller Lizzie's parents.

My prayer is that the Lord will raise up warriors that are not afraid to lift up the name of Jesus. Raise up Jeremiah's out of the street, praising Jesus.

I would like to find a Christ-centered church in the area. I love listening to TSC pastors, but I would like to attend a church. Thank you!