Prayer Requests - Zimbabwe

For my sister-in-the-Lord; pray Jesus provide for her all needs, to assist and to provide all care for children in her orphanage.

Please pray for me as I'm sitting for my ACCA exams next week. I want God to give me more wisdom and understanding for His glory.

Please can you pray for the healing of my mom Anne. Also pray for the release of my brother Michael from prison. God bless you.

Please, can you pray for my mother, Anne, who the doctors say is suffering from dementia. I believe God can and will heal her completely.

Please pray for me and my application to Geoffrey Chaucer. Friends in Christ my time is short, I need the money for urgent needs.

I've backslidden from the Lord and I have a skin disease and a liver problem. Please pray for me. I just want my prayer life and my love for Jesus back.

Hi TSC, I have been struggling with my faith. I have been on sin confess trajectory for a long time. I sin to have dusted myself from sin but then go back again. I am struggling with pornography and my sexuality, I lust.

I am here alone. My husband of 40 years took another wife. Now I am drinking way too much. I feel so alone. I will be coming to the service. Please pray,

God, help my pregnant and due sister Yeukai to give birth to a healthy and beautiful baby girl.