Prayer Requests - Saint Vincent and Grenadines

Please pray for the favor as we seek to get our mortgage taken over by a new institution. It's in a lot of arrears, we just want to start fresh.

Thank you for your prayers. Continue to pray for total healing and complete deliverance from thyroid problems, that it will function as God created.

TSC please pray for Cass, who is diagnosed with Cancer. Pray for a miraculous healing for her. Thanks!

Please pray for me. Recovering from a stroke. Speech impaired, memory affected. Reading poor.

My right foot causing me not to get a good night sleep and for my mom who fell off the church step and is not feeling well, thank you.

I have two children who profess to know God. Pray that we will be strong in him and that we will be faithful to him. We need revival.

Pray for my brother who is sick mentally and is presently in the Institution. Kindly pray for him.

Continue to pray for my family for total deliverance. Total healing for my mom and I in the mighty name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Pray for my cousin Shenel in Colorado, in a lot of pain; scans being done also for total healing and deliverance for my mom (Marinella).

Continue to pray for complete healing for my thyroid and that every lymph node and cell will function normally, in Jesus' name.