Prayer Requests - Taiwan

Please pray for me to get a job. I've been out of work for several years and it seems all doors are closed whenever I apply. I need a breakthrough.

A 5 year-old girl got a stoke with an unknown diagnosis. She is in coma. Pray the Lord to heal her!

Please pray for my brother Colin who lives in Ireland. He is 47 and cannot support himself financially. He desperately needs a job.

Pray for Esther. She has Lupus, kidney disease and cataracts. Be healed by God's power.

We believe God is leading us to new frontiers in 2015. Please pray for God's wisdom and clear leading, as we come into our God-given purpose.

Pray for my wife's uncle he is 87 years old and always resisted Jesus. Pray that he will accept Jesus on Monday 9/22 when my wife sees him again.

Please pray for Scotland's referendum independence on 18 Sept. The UK is a UNITED nation, yet some seek to divide and weaken it. Matt 12:25.

I want to have a family before 2014 August, the man should have a house in Taichung, Taiwan. We should love each other very much.

15 year old James, abandoned by mother, has alcoholic dad, needs to experience the love and power of Jesus to save.