Prayer Requests - Taiwan

I visited NYC last week for the first time ever. I pray that from your unique city, a Holy Spirit fire will spread across the world and all nations are touched.

My brother Y has suffered very bad skin illness for more than a year and it has unbearable itchiness. Please pray that Jesus heals him.

Prayer for my boyfriend who resents God because he had an abusive Christian father. Pray that he'd let God come into his heart and be set free.

Please pray for my friend, Bohdan, he is a deacon from a Catholic Church, really struggling in finding God. Please pray for true salvation.

Please pray for my boyfriend who is not yet a Christian. I hope he will open his heart and see what God can do in his life.

Please pray for my brothers to be free from alcohol addiction; they are drunk at least few times a week, and please pray for freedom and salvation.

Please pray for my brother's mother-in-law whose cancer spread to the bone. Ask God to lead her to salvation, and for a miracle healing.

Please pray for Taiwan, just had a mega earthquake, for victims who will be saved from the falling building and that the community will be saved.

Please pray for Taiwan; the earthquake took 41 lives and still 80 people trapped in the collapsed building.

Have been asked to work overseas in a place without religious freedom, please pray for safety and for holding on to the word of the Lord.