Prayer Requests - Suriname

Please pray for me. I feel depressed, it seems all am doing is going wrong, I am always saying the wrong things, I feel so unhappy about myself.

Please pray that God comfort two young girls, Nathalie and Moriah they just lost their Mother.

Please pray for our church in Balona Paramaribo, we need wisdom and strength. Thank u.

Please pray for stephany. She is born again, but her husband wants her to go to the rk church. She feels very unhappy about that.

I was in love with a man who has a wife. Things got bad; friends of mine told the wife everything and I am trying to deal and move on living. Pray.

Please help us to pray for our church in Balona; to break the spirit of jealousy and gossip. That the Holy Spirit will take over.

Please pray for Alexis. She's in the army and having a hard time at this moment. That God will protect and gift her wisdom to do the right thing.

Please help to pray for Jenny and her family. That they will commit themselves to God, feel at home in the church and find peace.