Prayer Requests - Singapore

Lord, grant full healing on R's nerve spasm. Draw close to Urself V's family; as they repent, Lord, heal restore them into a deep relationship with Christ.

Please pray for my uncle Jimmy's salvation he has stage 3 liver cancer. Thank you.

Dear Lord, I truly believe in you. My relationship is falling apart after 5 years. Please Lord, touch his heart and let him know just how much I love him.

M needs God to intervene and for victory. She's been on fire for God but was attacked badly. Failed many tests. Final exams coming up but she gave up on herself and God.

Praise God. I pray that God will come into the heart of my husband and help him to forget the past, forgive people who have hurt us and focus on the present.

Praise God. Ma entered into His glory. She's with the heavenly Father. Rejoice she finished her race well, sufferings have ended. Ma was a good testimony for Christ.

Please pray for the relationship between my daughter and I to be healed and restored. Pray that the Lord will once again unite our hearts as one.

I need a financial breakthrough in my life and for funding of my home. Please pray that the Lord will provide for all the financial needs of my family.

Pray for Hunyh Phuong's da, a Christian, age 84 who has cancer of the liver/lung. The condition got worst after medicine; pray for miracle healing in Ho Chi Min.

My husband has been experiencing depression for over 15 years. He needs God's breakthrough and healing. Remove the fear and let faith arise. Let the mind of Christ triumph.