Prayer Requests - Portugal

Please pray for the healing of my serious back problem, mainly neck hernia and thyroid issues which left me with serious calcium regulation problems.

Please pray for my liver healing, liberation from Buddhism and salvation of my boyfriend. Also victory over a public tender for a labor contract. Thanks.

Please pray for the revival of my marriage with my spouse Paula and our 4-year-young daughter Saba. Praying also for a peaceful and blessed family life.

Please pray for me. I'm in a deep depression, sadness, burned out and mentally tired. I have an auto-immune disease due to severe allergies.

Healing for my mother. She has several hernias, osteoporosis, bone and tendons deformation. Doctors say she needs surgery in order to survive. Please pray!

Please pray for my companion of 20 years. He left and does not speak to me for one month and a half. I have been praying for him, for over 20 years.

David from Lisbon, Portugal needs to be touched by and hear from the Holy Spirit as he is gender confused after serving in his church.

Hi, I Am a Pastor in Portugal. Pray for my wife and me, she's going into a deep depression. I'm physically and mentally tired. Need your prayers.

Please pray for my family and my extended family that the Lord touches their hearts profoundly to accept HIM as their Lord and Saviour. Amen.

Be still and know that I am God. Lord Almighty, in Jesus name I pray that through your power you baptize and fill my temple with the Holy Spirit.