Prayer Requests - Latvia

Please for the cat to get adopted. The situation is bad, cat owner doesn't want to keep her anymore and cat can be euthanized. Thanks.

Please pray for sweet dog to get a safe shelter or he can be euthanased soon. His owner moves to small flat, no pets allowed there.

Please pray for pet helper to get the necessary money for pet food today or they will not eat today!

Please pray for a desperate cat in veterinary clinic. Urgently needs a home, or it will be euthanized tomorrow.

Pray for Eve's salvation and peace. Her newborn daughter had 4 operations. Problems with the intestines. Poisoning. Fight for life.

Please pray for the salvation of Andris and his back healing. He has strong back pain. Blessed be the name of the Lord God.

Pray for the salvation of Gerdas and her newborn son, Michael. For healing as he is fighting for his life. Problems encountered during childbirth.

Please pray for two old unhappy dogs, Jutta and Baggy. Their owner is very sick. Urgently needs a new home and a good owner! Thank you.