Prayer Requests - Ireland

Please pray for my brother who is tormented with intrusive thoughts caused by severe OCD which deepens his depression. Need breakthrough many thanks.

Please pray for all street evangelists and volunteers who work with the homeless, and for Luminita in Ethiopia.

Please pray for healing for Harry, May's grandson, admitted to hospital with high fever and breathing difficulties, in the name of Jesus.

Pray for my heart to be at rest and for my relationship with Francis. May God take away his fear of commitment and help him be ready to settle.

Please pray comfort for Ann, whose husband died recently also healing and salvation for Geraldine, Elaine Marian and Heather. Thanks TSC and God bless.

Please pray for a dwelling for the Lord's work, I have to travel 7 hours to evangelise, a day, Pray somewhere in Howth, Dublin.

Please pray for me to find a wife, I am very lonely and just need miracle.

Please pray for provision for a home. I have to travel 7 hours to evangelize to Dublin. Also pray for a wife please in Jesus' name.

Please pray that this man would surrender his heart and whole life to Jesus. Set him free from his past Lord. His six children need a godly dad.

Please pray for 4-year-old Riaghan who got diagnosed with terminal brain disease MLD, and his sibling due this December with no spleen and hole in a heart.