Prayer Requests - Indonesia

I thank God that he is always strengthening me to intercede for a miracle - my husband's salvation (he is a Muslim). Please pray for his salvation and our family.

Please pray for God's direction in my life. It has not been clear for this past 2 years where he is going to direct me exactly. What is the next step?

Please pray for the peace of Jakarta city and Indonesia entirely. Let God intervene over the spirit of violence and hatred. In Jesus name.

Please help me to be able to sleep, my mind, anger, and disappointments against my husband makes me unable to pray. Please change my husband's addiction.

Please pray for a family that is on the verge of divorce. They have 1 more week (court ordered) to work out their differences- please pray!

I have scabies or something like scabies. Experienced terrible itching, crawling feelings. Need healing and to not be reinfected. Thanks.

For Christlikeness in me, Chandra and my family. To consistently be intimate with Jesus more than ever. Putting full armor of God.

Please pray for my brother's salvation. Also, pray for my father in his old days. To give him more wisdom as a father and not to worry about himself.

Please intervene, God. I'm hurt inside, I have been waiting for reconciliation and peace for me and him. Please soften his heart for me.