Prayer Requests - Honduras

We need the blessed Holy Spirit and laborers, to stop drugs and human trafficking and violence. Please pray for us.

A prayer request for the children of a dear friend, and a sister in Christ. Sophia, Harry, and Elkin. for their salvation.

Prayer request for my husband, and children, to be freed from alcohol and drugs, and for their salvation.

Encouraged by the story of Heather and Gary. Please pray for the salvation of my husband and children, to be free drugs and alcohol.

Prayer for the Holy Spirit to move upon our nation in the hearts of men and women, for the knowledge of the Lord to fill this land.

I submitted the same prayer request, I sent from a few weeks back. Please pray strongly for my youngest son Don, running with drug traffickers.

Please pray so I can be a man of God to glorify His name. Also for a job to provide my family and help my parents being good testimony.

I am requesting prayer for my two sons and my husband, for freedom from alcoholism and to receive salvation.

Please pray for my dad Omar who is suffering from alcoholism and has an enlarged liver and might die. He has lost everything and needs Jesus.