Prayer Requests - Greece

Please pray for me for a speedy recovery for I dislocated my knee a week ago. I'm alreday doing better but your prayers are needed, to do His will.

Please pray the Lord Jesus Christ, saves my husband and children. Gives me hope and strength to continue. Wisdom at work and in church. Keeps me and guides me.

Please keep Greece in your prayers. Conflict and war are in the air. Pray for revival, courage, patience, and strength in Him. Oh Lord help us! Use us!

Please pray for me. I've been having anger issues these past few days and this hurts those I love, a lot. Pray that our Lord will give me His peace.

Please pray for me. I'm on the verge of starting to smoke cigarettes again. Plus I have anger issues lately. I need our Lord's help and His peace.

Pay for my friend Rustom, a refugee, who came to Greece and found Jesus. Pray for his health.

Please pray for Greece, for the people to come back to the righteous teachings of Jesus Christ. Pray that God have mercy on the people of Greece.

Please pray for my country, that our Lord Jesus will guide us by the Holy Spirit to vote with wisdom at the coming national election on Sunday.

Please pray for my country Greece, that our Lord will bring forth people full of the Holy Spirit to guide this nation in these dark times we live in.

Please pray for the salvation of my family, that they would have an encounter with the Lord. Also, healing for my daughter's knee.