Prayer Requests - Algeria

Please pray for me. I have pain and sensation in my arms (because of Benzo withdrawal symptoms or syringe or both) and I also have pain in the back of my neck.

Uncontrollable thoughts, demonic dreams, and discomfort in the pelvis. Please pray for me to a get out more and see the world.

I remember what bullies did to me long ago - especially my teachers and schoolmates. I forgive them, but I'm still fighting the past and I can't forget.

Hi. Please pray for me, I can't have a normal life in my country because I have a high pitched voice. Also, my country is anti-Christian country. Thanks.

Please pray for Pastors Sharon, Pastor James, Pastor Vijay, Pastor Eric, and Pastor Rubin. That God would bless them and enlarge their territories. Also, please pray for a hedge of protection.

Pray for our families, our ministries, our pastor, the financial situations for Gladys, her parent's sale of land, and for us to be debt free. We need you Lord.

Pray for my husband, kids unsaved loved ones. Also, pray for Neville and Anisha to marry; and a hedge of protection around my children and around Aisha, Omar, Noel and Andy kids.

Praying for Charan, Siri, Raksha, Anu and Jhanvi to be adopted. Pray for a miracle, that God will place them in godly homes. Also pray for Madhu and her mom Melissa.