Prayer Requests - Algeria

My dad is sick and he bit his tongue while eating. I accidentally ate in the same dish. Please pray for me to not catch a disease and stop worrying.

I burp a lot and I couldn't sleep enough last night because of heartburn and chest pain I hope this night I will sleep well without heart pain.

I also have Benzo withdrawal symptoms because I was forced to take drugs for 3 years and I'm held by my Muslim family because I have a feminine voice.

Hi, I have eggs allergy and heartburn. It's hard to avoid eating eggs or foods that have eggs in them it makes me scratch my body.

Please pray for me. Maybe I overdosed on my drugs and I don't know because I forget a lot if I took my drugs or not. I hope this will turn out fine.

I heard them talk about a sick woman I don't know, and her children are very young. Please pray for her.

Please pray for me. I have pain and sensation in my arms (because of Benzo withdrawal symptoms or syringe or both) and I also have pain in the back of my neck.

Uncontrollable thoughts, demonic dreams, and discomfort in the pelvis. Please pray for me to a get out more and see the world.

I remember what bullies did to me long ago - especially my teachers and schoolmates. I forgive them, but I'm still fighting the past and I can't forget.