Prayer Requests - Germany

All praise and glory to God for his kingdom on earth--may the internet outage be resolved soon. Thank you for prayers of healing!

All glory to God. Please pray strength. Many passed away. I cared for dad until the end. My husband left. I am homesick for America and handicapped.

Pray for my 81-year-old father Wilfried deliverance of alcohol! Family suffers, especially granddaughter Marisa who grew up without father, I am a single mom.

Pray for my 17-year-old daughter Marisa. Urgent! Last 10 months a nightmare! Wants to drop out of school, sex, alcohol, parties, rebellious, attacked me

Please pray for my son and my husband that they accept Jesus as their Savior.

Pray for me. I am searching for a group of sincere followers of Jesus Christ who are not playing church but strive to live according to Christ's true gospel.

Pray for the salvation of my daughter, her life companion, and my 91-year-old mother. Pray also that all influences hindering them to know Christ will be removed.