Prayer Requests - Costa Rica

Pray for my daughter, 18, starting her senior year but has to miss 4 weeks for scanning to make sure she's cancer-free. She needs compassion from teachers.

For my daughter's uptake scans to be clear, help and wisdom. I'm in senior year that just started. For my son and girlfriend, who have job interviews tomorrow.

Pray for my daughter Gloriana who is 18 and battled cancer a year and a half ago. Pray for my son Ben for a miraculous healing and myself and my mom.

Pray for a family whose son Alex overdosed on drugs. He was found dead and alone on thanksgiving day.

Pray for Melissa to be delivered from lesbianism and reconciled with her brother Joseph and both be saved. We need a miracle.

My daughter Glori had thyroid cancer surgery 6 months ago and still has many health issues. I need a financial miracle too. We love Jesus.

Please pray for my brothers, Giancarlo and Mario, to be delivered from drug addiction.

Please pray that the Lord will give my mom, Josefina, motivation to read the Bible and that she would be able to understand what she's reading.

Love. Forgiveness. Salvation. Freedom. Blessing. To love and serve the Lord. Me and my house. Family CV. Please help pray.

Colleague at work just passed by me with extremely high blood pressure. I prayed. Please, you pray too.