Prayer Requests - Colombia

Pray that Lorena's husband will stop being jealous and insecure and that love will unify them.

Pray that Mencalo will get out of debt and have her own business. That her children will not get involved in drugs and will always be honest.

Manuel prays for his father (Manuel A) for healing and that he will be freed from alcoholism.

Please pray for Willie-James, who is going into surgery today for kidney failure he can't keep nothing down, can't eat help.

Please pray for Camillo (10) that his family will be shielded from drug dealers. He is being groomed to be a dealer and struggles with anger issues.

From our children's ministry: Please pray that my father will stop using drugs.

From our children's ministry: Nicola prays that her father will be released from jail.

Pray that Elisabeth will stay clean. She has graduated from our rehab program and is now living on her own.

Jenifer prays for her marriage to be restored and their lives to be transformed.