Prayer Requests - Colombia

Please pray for Gerardo Junior to be delivered from his drug addiction.

Please pray for Sandra V. to be healed from headaches and frequent episodes of dizziness.

Nelson asks for healing for his father, who has pain in his hands, knees, and back. Pray that he will be set free from addiction to smoking.

She works in a hospital, and maybe she's just burned out and wants to quit her job. Please help me to pray that she can trust in Jesus.

Prayer for a move of the Holy Spirit over men Malachi 4:5-6 to love the Bible and to be a protector of children.

Please pray for Astrid, a woman in the ministry who needs healing from diabetes. It has gotten to the point where her sight is also affected.

Please pray for the construction of our new building. Pray that the hand of the Lord would be over it and protect it!

Please pray for our 95-year-old, neighbor, Mr. Dominic, who says he is an atheist. Pray he finds the Lord.

Please pray for the single mothers, Venezuelans, and Colombians living in Medellin to seek the One who can satisfy their spiritual hunger!