Prayer Requests - Colombia

Manuel asks for prayers as he has hatred for someone in our restoration program.

Please pray, for protection for the workers during the time of demolition and construction on our building expansion project.

Please pray for 6-year-old Anya who is currently hospitalized with a growth in her kidney. Please pray for complete healing and wisdom for her doctors.

Please pray for protection from drugs, physical, emotional and sexual abuse.

Prayer request from the children's ministry: Please pray that the debts of my family will be paid.

Prayer request from the children's ministry: please pray that I have wisdom and intelligence to pass this school year.

Cristian prays for his brother Sebastian. Pray that his heart of stone will be changed and he will leave his world of drugs and be transformed.

Yeny asks for prays for Diana who has a Cerebral Tumor. Pray for her salvation and healing.

Please pray for the neighborhood of Palos Verdes. There is such a bondage of drugs, violence and oppression here. We ask God to bring His freedom!

Please pray for Maria's 14-year-old to receive Christ in her heart. Pray she's freed from inappropriate relationships and other bad influences.