Prayer Requests - Bulgaria

Please pray for my 30-year-old niece Vera who has suffered from undiagnosed stomach problem and struggles to eat even small amounts of food.

Praise God, I have a job interview. Please pray for wisdom and God to open the heart of the firm's owner. I need wisdom and discernment. Thank you.

Pray that my friend, who is an unbeliever, gets a job. God, do what only You can do. Make him gasp!

Pray for Pavletka and Ruth pass their exams. And when one exam failed to be taken the second time. Need God wisdom and help in preparation. Blessings, TSC.

Pray for kindergarten children, a group of 11 children with mental problems. And two of them, Vanko and Stephan in great need of God's touch on their lives.

Pray for Iglika she needs to forgive and forget. But she can't. Our Lord, help her. She asked for prayer.

I have been raising my son all by myself for almost 10 years and I feel more and more abandoned every day. I am a strong believer. I love Jesus Christ.

Pastor Conlon, you have been an inspiration to me for years. I love our Lord Jesus, but I am going through a tremendous spiritual pain. Please pray for me.