Prayer Requests - Argentina

I ask you to pray for A. who wants to leave from the Umbanda religion and needs prayers for his release. Thanks!

I ask you to pray for a man in jail, Gustavo M., who is serving a sentence for raping several women. He will leave in a few months. Thanks.

I need prayers for my family and ministry in missions. I'm from Argentina, South America. Thank you for supporting us in prayer. God bless you.

Please pray for Rocio she has Leukopenia. She is my sister. For healing and salvation. Thanks TSC.

Please pray for Andrea (19), she has Anorexia and weights 44 pounds. She is hospitalized. For healing and salvation.

Pray for a test to a new job. It's a test of idiom and technical knowledge, is very difficult for me but I trust in God that He goes forward.

I need prayer for a job interview this Friday. I want the will of God in my life all the time. Thank you.

Pray to stop the rain in all Chaco state because we're underwater and people are losing everything they have. God have mercy on us. Thank you.

For Silvi and me; to open the new business where we will glorify your name, Jesus. We will testify about your love and mercy.