Prayer Requests - Albania

Please pray for a Teen Challenge Center in Tirana, Albania. Pray for the right contact from TSC to contact me. Blessings.

Pray for God's wisdom and protection now that I am leading a Christian clinic in Albania. Pray for more Albanian patients to be saved.

Pray that God will support our ministry Albania, among our patients, but also among other health care providers, who need Christ above all.

Please pray for me to recall all my medical knowledge and get a high score on a medical test this Friday. God's Favor on getting a job as MD.

Please pray that our good God will open the doors in the hospital for me to work as a physician. Also for us to find a Godly church.

Need God's wisdom for assembling materials immediately concerning defence that is career impacting. Urgent matter having deadlines. Thanks.

muslims are slaughtering Christians for their organs, which are being sold in Saudi Arabia and Kosovo. Pray for justice and protection.

Please pray the ministry here in Kosovo continues to take the shape The Lord wants and bears much fruit for His Kingdom. Thank you TSC.