Answered Prayers - WI

We prayed Tuesday nights for salvation for Butch who was dying of cancer. He lived much longer than doctors said he would and died trusting Jesus! Thank you Lord!

Several years ago I asked for healing for our daughter from breast cancer. After 11 surgeries/procedures, she is cancer-free and physically restored.

Thank you, Jesus, for healing my unsaved 24-year-old neighbor from leukemia. Now that he is healed, he continues to seek God for truth and his direction.

We've prayed for finances in a prayer meeting and God is working on our behalf. The hospital approved aid at 100% for 6 months! Over $7000 paid. Hallelujah Jesus.

I asked for prayer for sexual addiction, and God has started my freedom! Keep praying that I believe God loves me and walk in that understanding. Thank you.

Thank you, TSC, for praying with me for my grandson to return to Jesus. He did! Praise God! He now says his life has purpose! He's telling everybody!

We asked for prayer for a job for my husband Michael a few weeks ago and after 8 weeks unemployed God gave him an awesome job 8 minutes from home. God did it.

Prayed about a family crisis and turned it over to God. 48 hours later we had peace in the family. Only God could have done it.

Missing 13-year-old Jayme Closs (who's parents were murdered) ran away from her abductor and has been recovered.