Answered Prayers - WA

Praise God! Believer on hospice, who forgave others, now wants a bible study. The first time in her life! She's in her 60's. Thanks for praying TSC. Glory to God!

Talk on trafficking at local high school went well. Many students responded. Pray for open doors with other schools and universities. God our safe refuge!

I was facing homelessness, something I never thought could happen to me! God has been so faithful! I trusted Him and He provided a way when I couldn't see one.

Faithful. Started a new job this week. Faithful He has been, faithful He will be. Thank you for your prayers TSC.

Huge praise and thanks to God for forgiving me and upholding me and delivering me from the false attacks. For R, family, love, great grace and peace. Book victories.

Thank you God! Our dear prodigal asked for prayer for her newborn baby for a medical procedure. Thank you God for taking care of the baby and drawing her mom. God can!

Thank you, God, for the good birth of our dear prodigal daughter's baby. May God use this little one to open their hearts to Him. Thanks for praying.

Praise the Lord for leading our children's program at our church retreat on August 9-10. May all the children remember His truth and grow in living faith in Jesus!

Glory to God! A believer on hospice forgave someone who had wronged them. This is a miracle! We thank God! Thanks for faith-filled prayer.

Thanks for praying TSC. My husband's upper GI test went well. (He will have a different test in a few weeks.) We are so thankful to God, and also to TSC for praying.