Answered Prayers - WA

We thank God for reconciling our son who did not speak to us for 12 years. Thank you, Jesus! He needs to return to God. He lost his wife and kids. Thanks, TSC!

Firefighter with PTSD got Christian counseling and needs stability now. Thanks for praying for him and his family. They are so grateful! God is good!

Great is his faithfulness! Labs are showing improvement with new treatments for my husband's lymphoma. Your prayers have been supporting us on this journey!

God is helping teen grandson of the pastor get along better with his godly mom. Answer to prayer! He still needs to return to God and leave porn. God, help!

So grateful to God for the many times, He has let me pray for others; in all the medical appointments I need to have. All glory to Him! Thanks for your prayers.

Praise/thanks to God for salvation, the Bible, health, family, daily mercies, joy, writing, blessings! Safety. Joy! Money, heat, power. Trump, USA. Home, ALL!

God has answered many prayers regarding jobs, finances, favor and healing of all types for family and friends.

Thanks for praying for missionary family in the Bahamas this year to help rebuild from the hurricane. God is moving through all 5 of them! Thanks TSC.

Wow God! Huge praises for all He's doing, family, writing, health, blessings! Joy! Praise the Lord! Gifts of mercy, the Bible, freedom, the USA. Healing.

Praises and thanks for miraculous protection, grace, safety, deliverance, love and kindness. Health, family, grandkids, purpose, patience. So much grace! PTL!