Answered Prayers - WA

Thanks TSC, for praying for us all, and my sister Lillian. Our Lord healed her from COVID-19. She's leaving the hospital and going back to her nursing home.

Huge praises for God's power working in our lives, all His mercies and love. For safety in this crisis. For R and our family, health, provision, writing and friends.

Thank you, God! Believer had brain surgery for melanoma, recovering very well, only needs radiation for it. He prays for other patients and staff always.

Praise God! Believer in Nigeria was able to get home to London, and her husband is getting rehab for a stroke in London also. Our God made a way!

Praises to our God! My husband, Bill, got a positive report on PET scan after new treatments for his lymphoma were started in December 2019. Thank you for prayers!

God has opened our son's heart to a relationship with us again after over 15 yrs! A miracle! We pray for his heart to open to God again. He is now an agnostic.

A believer had successful surgery for breast cancer. Thanks for praying, TSC! God is her healer!

We rejoice one prodigal is turning to God. He wants God to find this wayward sheep and show him the love of God. Please pray that God pursues him with His love!

Thanks for praying for Christian firefighter with PTSD. Prayer is helping him and his family to be healed by God. Our God is so faithful! Thanks, TSC!

So grateful to God for one prodigal speaking to us again. In a painful place and needs to surrender to God, now an agnostic. We believe God for more miracles!