Answered Prayers - WA

Thanking God for a 16-year-old runaway that came home and is getting counseling. God is with this family of believers. We thank Him for this miracle of restoration!

So much blessing, great thank you to our wonderful God. For R, the way God is working things out. Book out, Work. health, home, family, bible, ministry. PTL.

God helped a runaway 16-year-old girl to return safely to her family. All believers in great need of more help from God. Thank you, God, for your help!

Big praise report! My husband's PET scan done last week shows NO cancer activity. Thank you, Jesus! Thank you, TSC, for your prayers for him the past three years.

Doctors concerned about my low heart rate but tests showed no problems. Heartbeat was in the normal range with no damage. Thank you, Jesus!

God provided a part-time job for my husband in Nov! We are so grateful. He is older, and it's harder to get a job. But God opened the door! Thanks, TSC.

We rejoice a pastor's family made a very fast adoption during this pandemic. Pray for their many new adjustments with this little boy.

Huge praise for great blessings! Retirement, love, provision, health, family. G's baptism! Friends! Contacts! Books! Seeing God work! The Wind. Praise the Lord!

Thank you for praying. Eddie had major cancer surgery. He woke up and is in good spirits. Please pray the pain goes away, cancer hasn't spread and for healing.

The wife in a very abusive marriage got a favorable judge in their divorce case. Husband a pastor with a long history of harm, they have 8 kids. God help!