Answered Prayers - WA

Thanks for praying for my husband to find work after losing his job due to the coronavirus. I'm trusting God for miracles of provision! Your prayers encourage us!

My sister Lillian was in the hospital. She's back in the nursing home. Thank you Jesus and God and TSC.

A pastor had successful surgery on his back. Thank you, God! He has a long healing process ahead, but thanks to God for His help in this. Thanks for praying, TSC!

Glory to God! God is beginning to heal me physically, and I give Him all glory, praise, and thanks. I am so grateful for any healing, big or little. God is good.

We give God thanks for my husband's job. He is older and this is a miracle of provision. Thank you God!

Praise the Lord, the Lord reigns! When darkness comes in like a flood, the Lord reigns! Praise the Lord! No matter what happens, He is sovereign. Praise the Lord! Thanks for all He's doing!

God provided a temporary job for my husband. He is older, this is a blessing from God. Thanks for praying. Jehovah Jireh!

Miracles! Pastor's grandson in juvenile detention for almost a year, going home to his godly mom and sister, heart softer to God again. Thanks for prayer.

Praise the Lord for His great, strong love and for forgiveness, strong care, home, books, friends, family, health. Victory in Jesus.

Praise for God's faithfulness, His Word, for family, R, changes, writing, Bella; USA, church, health, victory, steadfastness.