Answered Prayers - VT

Prayed for Larry who suffers with Parkinson's and a divorce. No place to move to. His sister Pam in Michigan, a believer since 1972, opened her home to him. Leaving Wednesday morning.

The Lord opened a door to be seen today by a Christian sports MD and friend. Normally booked 2 weeks out. A cortisone injection was needed to lower pain levels.

Over a decade of drug use, prison, divorce, anxiety, depression. Fell on my knees after reading Power for Living. Gave my life to Christ. Made whole since 1985.

Thank you for praying for me. I had urgent surgery for acute appendicitis. I was placed in great hands at the right time, place and people. God is glorified. Amen.

Thank you for your prayers TSC. Praise God for placing me in the best possible place and care of a surgeon requiring emergency surgery in June. Recovering nicely!

Thank you for your prayers. Had surgery for acute appendicitis and am recovering. Praise God for healing and placing me in the right hands at the right time.

Praise God for His faithfulness. Just had surgery and a troublesome tooth removed as well. God provided both a great surgeon and dentist. I had the sword with me!

Praising God for providing a beautiful wife for our son Felix, good job and bidding on a house as they have been stuck in a tiny apartment in Colorado. Amen.

We prayed about a rebate/tax error that the tax department made. I have been connected divinely with the proper help and guidance. It's in God's hands. I trust in Him.

We prayed about medical stress. Praising God for orchestrating medical appointments and the good reports that resulted. A covenant of mutual respect between us.