Answered Prayers - VT

I've been complacent about intimacy with the Lord. Now, I find myself waking up every day in desperation, seeking God and His word for abundant life and selflessness.

Blessings TSC! We prayed regarding a COVID-19 test. Praise God it was negative "no detect" Lord deal a death blow to this virus and heal all who are affected.

Blessings TSC, asked prayer for a COVID-19 test slated for last week on the 18th. Test came back No Detect/negative. Sinuses need help to stop headaches. Amen!

Praise God! The biopsy was done, the carcinoma removed from the forearm, which is the least likely to come back or spread. Healing is on the wings. Bless you, all!

Emily, Rose's daughter is doing well recovering from COVID-19 and the rest of the family has remained untouched. Thank you for your prayers. All glory to God.

My prayers for Kevin's brain and neck aneurysm operation were heard and he is recovering. They found 2 more that need prayers. Thank you, Jesus! Praise God!

Thank you for praying. A brother, orthopedic MD, friend got me in today; normally it takes weeks. I was given an overall good report. Healing process is slow. Amen.

Nothing is too small or great for God. After 2 years and countless prayers, a mysterious water leak in my car (1990 VW Fox) was solved last Thursday. Praise the Lord.

TSC prayed about a prostate issue that could have been cancerous. All the tests are negative with no bacteria even. Its age-related. Praising Jesus for His love!

I bowed down and prayed before the Lord. Recent Blood test claimed I'm prediabetic. A second test to confirm. The number dropped to normal over 10 points lower.