Answered Prayers - VA

My apartment will be renovated in October and I have to move out. God has answered my long-term prayer and another good place has opened up across the street.

Praise Jesus! Our sons, Matthew and Joshua, made it safely down the mountain they were climbing in California. Dehydrated but safe.

Asked for prayer a couple months ago about my son needing to sell his house and they just signed a contract on it! Praise God! Pray that God's will be done.

Thank you TSC/Jehovah Jireh for providing a new apartment and the finances to move this weekend. All the glory and honor belongs to you and only you, Eternal Father God.

TSC prayed for me to receive a job that the Lord has chosen for me. Well, He has opened a door for me and called me into the perfect job. Praise the Lord. Thank you.

I am grateful for the faith of the TSC prayer meeting. Month after month, I see answers to prayer requests for family, friends, and even strangers in need.

God has provided a long-term place to live with an aunt in another city. Pray for Tasha, who lost her home and parents, when they died in a car accident 7 months ago.

Praise God. My elderly uncle is much better after being critically ill. His godly joy and happy personality are back, and he will move into a better care center.

From an earlier request. My nephew and his team have safely returned from a summer missions trip to Thailand. There were opportunities to witness about Jesus.

From an earlier request: a celebrity has agreed to go willingly into a recovery program; and will, hopefully, meet Jesus, while finding healing, a new life.