Answered Prayers - VA

TEXT: The welts and itching on my skin are gone and completely healed! Thank you, God! Thank you for your prayers! Our God reigns, hallelujah!

Praising our Lord and Savior! Prayer for healing cousin E. from severe kidney infection has been answered. He is forever faithful.

Thank you for praying for D., a Romanian teenage boy who had surgery for cancer in Austria September 4th. The surgery was successful and there were many miracles.

After many years of struggle, my nephew Jonathan has had a breakthrough in treatment for hand pain, which is yielding positive results. Thank you for praying!

My daughter who is pregnant was having severe gastro issues. God answered prayers and she is doing much better. We found out that the baby is a girl. Praise God!

Praise the Lord! My daughter and boyfriend have been living together for 2 years. They just got married last weekend. Thank you, Lord, for what you are doing.

TEXT: Thank you for your prayers for my brother Scott. He has been blessed to be released from the hospital after being sick with an unidentified tick born illness. Praise God! Thank you, Lord Jesus!

I asked for prayer in the winter for my cousin's problems with being able to sell her house. The buyer was able to finally secure the loan and house is sold!

Praise God! I now have an on-site interview on Thursday April 25, after a favorable phone interview two weeks ago - this is an answer to a prayer from April 22 request.

Praises, my son-in-law did get the job that he thought was lost. Thank you for your prayers.