Answered Prayers - TX

A friend's husband was diagnosed with COVID-19, then her son got very sick. We prayed to the Lord earnestly and he answered our prayers. Both of them have recovered.

Thank you for praying, Moms appetite is back and she is eating again. P. S. We love the TSC puppet church. Just found it. Thank God and God bless.

Thank you TSC. Lincoln, a teen who got into some trouble with the courts, was showered with God's grace in mercy. Again, thanks for your prayers and for a 2nd chance.

Thank you for praying. After 7 years away from my family, I'm home. My son whom i was estranged from for 20 years came and got me. God is working, He's not done yet.

Thank you for praying for me. I had lost all my strength while taking care of my mom. I am getting my strength back, little by little. Praise to my Lord and Savior!

Two weeks ago, I said "pray for the Yankees." I was (mostly) joking, but their record since then speaks for itself.

Lord keep it coming.

Praise God after 12 years of searching FBI has finally found Yassar Said a man who killed his 2 daughters in his taxi cab.

Praises to the Lord for hearing our prayers. My daughter is witnessing answered prayers today!

Praise God for His faithfulness, People have left the property, no damage. May we not see them again. Thank you for the prayers of saints.

Eloisa M. has improved tremendously from the stroke she got on Sunday. Talks and moves arms. Praise Jesus. Thanks.