Answered Prayers - TX

Had asked for unity in our family, which usually is very tight knit, but had a falling out. Restoration has begun. Thank you Jesus and TSC for your prayers!

My husband gave his life to Christ before passing away. That helped my 2 daughters see the power of Christ Jesus our Lord and Savior. Praise God.

My liver is back to normal, Praise God. The kidneys are still functioning. May God use me in these last days!

I had requested prayers for my tension at my workplace. Praise God, amazing peace has descended on my work situation. People who were hostile have become friends.

I want to thank God for providing a new job. I start tomorrow. Thanks also to TSC for praying for me.

Having had a challenging year trying to find housing, joining your prayers with ours, God has answered in a beautiful way.

I asked you to pray that my mother would be delivered from a bad situation and today she was rescued. Thank you so very much! God is AWESOME!

Here, near Houston during the flood. Every time a rain band started to hit I went to mom's room and we began crying out to God for mercy. He spared us. No flood. Glory.

Thankful for His Word in my heart, for provision in desert. Answered prayers for my husband. The revelation of my Father's heart and the pulling down of strongholds in the family!