Answered Prayers - TX

I want to praise God for my biological father being saved before he died. He died this Christmas eve and he had gotten saved very shortly beforehand. He was 98.

Richard is doing better, they are going to put in a mash implant screen to catch the blood clots. He can go home today or tomorrow. Thank you TCS, pray. Cathleen is his wife.

Woah! God is faithful, Richard found out why the bleeding is going on, he has to stay in ICU for a day or two. Bill's pacemaker went great, he asked for lunch thank you.

Praise the Lord with me everyone! My husband was near death from COVID-19, pneumonia, and high fever for 9 days, but God healed him, hallelujah!

God answered my prayer for my son Josh, he woke this morning with hope. God sent me a wonderful pastor that helps with depression and has led many to Jesus. Thank you.

I asked for prayer last week for a test I was taking. By the grace of God, I passed the test! Praise be to God!

Thank you for prayer tonight about my grandchildren's hatred toward me. My granddaughter came to my room and gave me cologne, just after service. THANK YOU God.