Answered Prayers - SC

Thanksgiving, for youngest son determining to attend college, five years after he graduated from high school and was leading a wandering life. Praise God Almighty!

Jesus supernaturally transforming the hearts of my and husband's families and community! God hears and answers in His time and way! His Word is trustworthy!

Praise God for working in my daughter's heart and in her marriage. Continued prayers appreciated.

I went for a biopsy on a thyroid nodule. The doctor did an ultrasound first and said I didn't need one. There's a huge backstory with my thyroid starting in 2015. Big victory!

I prayed for curses to be broken off my family last week. On Sunday while Pastor Carter spoke, my son and 2 granddaughters were baptized. My son Chris needs prayer.

On time word for the past few weeks. I felt like giving up.
But ever week on time word. God keep you all. God bless you all. I so appreciate you all.

Thanks for praying for my son who was in a tragic car accident but is doing better and back in school and at work. Thank you for praying for full healing.

Thank you TSC so much for your prayers! The answer came; the test results for my cervical cancer came back negative! God is always in control!

Prayers were answered for the safe travels and return, for Chasity and Mark who traveled to California last week. They did not encounter the earthquakes.

God heard the prayers from TSC, for Robert M. God has bought Robert from death to life. The doctors told his wife that they did all they can do. But God restored him.