Answered Prayers - OR

Praise God for answered prayer: my husband is finally purging his movie collection and removing films that do not honor God!

Thank you for your prayers. My godsons' condition has improved immensely. Truly a miracle how God intervened and prevented a stroke or heart failure.

Praise God for a successful pacemaker surgery for two elderly family members both on the same day! There will be no funerals this Christmas Season! God is good!

Thank you, Jesus, at a time when we were despairing for hope you caused my gender-confused son to share his heart with me and reveal his mental struggles. HOPE!

My 96-year-old father is up building saw horses again. No more TIAs. Praise the Lord. Thank you for your prayers! God is so good!

I praise God for keeping our at-risk marriage intact. We will be celebrating 35 years on 7/30/18. Only God could have kept us together in the dark times.

Little Elliot is out of the hospital and eating now. Praise Jesus! She still has a serious condition and needs complete healing. Thank you for all the prayers.

Praise God that my mother and I are speaking again and for my step-father coming home from the hospital after his heart function was 35%.

God's compassion was present this weekend as we hosted our transgender son and his partner in our home. Thank you for prayer support for our family. Love reigns.