Answered Prayers - OH

I requested prayer for our son, for a position that's been promised to him for months. He got it! Jehovah Jirah! Thanks for your prayers.

Thank you God for answering years of prayer for our son who was able to secure a job in his profession this week. He faithfully trusted God's plan.

Thank God He answered our prayers. Colon test showed positive, exploratory surgery in colon and stomach today, CANCER FREE! Praise God, AGAIN!

Casey is out of the hospital following his heart transplant. Skipping two weeks of rehab; improving so he didn't qualify for rehab. Praise Jesus.

Thank you for standing with us in prayer for my friend's husband who had open-heart surgery. The surgery was successful and he is at home recovering.

Tonight we prayed for Casey to get a heart. @9:15 his mother called to say they got the call 30 min. Earlier that he has a donor. God is on time and faithful.

Praise God! After years of prayers my mom recently became a US citizen. I thank God for divine favor. Also please pray for Legal Aid Society clients and staff.